Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benq FP202W V3, Model Q2WS LCD monitor: Don't buy it.

If you are environmentally conscious, or hates waste, don't ever buy the Benq LCD monitor in the photo on the left. That was the LCD monitor I bought, and regretted. Why? Whenever you switch off power to the monitor, either via the built-in switch on the monitor or externally when you shut down the monitor or via the switch on a power strip (Wikipedia says this is also referred to as a plug board, power board, power bar, distribution board, gangplug, plugbar, multibox, or relocatable power tap. In my country, it is often referred to as an extension cable), the next time you want to switch the monitor on again, you MUST also switch it on via the built-in switch on the Benq LCD monitor irrespective of whether you have left it on or off. This is the very first time I came across such a lousy feature, and I have been through a lot of monitors.

Why you should not buy the Benq FP202W V3, Model Q2WS LCD monitor

I am talking from experience, a very bad one. The built-in switch on my old CRT monitor (a long time ago) malfunctioned. I sent it to the service center. They replaced the switch and charged me a fortune. After that, I vowed never to touch the built-in switch on a computer monitor again. I connect it to the power strip and and if ever I need to switch the monitor off to conserve electricity when I need to rest or to leave the house, I switch it off via the switch on the power strip. Now with the Benq FP202W V3, Model Q2WS LCD monitor, I have no choice. Whenever, I power off the monitor, I MUST press the built-in switch on the monitor again irrespective of whatever I do.

I published a similar post at Benq LCD Monitor FP202W V3, Model Q2WS: Don't waste your money and a visitor left a comment: "My 15" Benq has a similar issue, its blinking on and off. My take its faulty switch. After so many on and offs its blown. After reading your comment I am not going to bother trying to get it fixed. Just buy another one."

Well, looks like it is not only this Benq LCD monitor has that lousy feature. The commentator's monitor is 15". Mine is 22". I checked with Benq support, and they said that feature is to protect the monitor from power surge damage. To me, that sounds like pure bullshit. Power surge is dependent on the electricity supplier. If you have information I am wrong, please leave a comment and let me know why I am wrong.

So next time to have to purchase a computer monitor, make sure you check how the built-in switch works, especially if it is a Benq brand. I did when I canceled my yet-to-be-delivered Benq LCD monitor (same model) and got another one.